• A Stock: The end

    by  • September 26, 2012 • News

    A Stock 5034 departs Baker Street

    A Stock 5034 departs Baker Street at 0928 for Amersham on its last day in passenger service (photo: RailwaysToday)

    The Metropolitan Line’s A Stock trains bowed out of passenger service today after more than fifty years.

    5063 and 5034 operated throughout the day on trains from Watford and Amersham to London, carrying a headboard that read “A Stock 1960-2012 Last Day in Service”.

    The only remaining scheduled appearance of the A Stock on the Metropolitan line now is a railtour on Saturday 29th September.

    The day began with 5063 and 5034 leaving Neasden depot and working a service to Watford whereupon they worked the 0840 semi-fast to Baker Street.

    The journey was punctuated with long whistles from passing S Stock drivers saluting the end of an era, and with announcements from the driver informing the mass of passengers that today was the last day they would be able to travel on “these old classic trains that have served London for 50 years”.

    A quick turnaround at Baker Street and the duo were off on a fast Amersham service; they were to operate between Amersham and Aldgate for most of the day with a number of dedicated fans taking the opportunity to ride on the units throughout.

    At around ten past six in the evening the time came for an A Stock to leave London on passenger service for the very last time on a semi-fast Watford service from Aldgate.

    Owing to signalling problems at Neasden some Metropolitan Line services were turning round at Wembley Park, meaning those coming from central London were busier than usual.

    On this particular train the situation was magnified by the presence of A Stock bashers standing toe-to-toe with bemused commuters (there was a moment at Baker Street when I thought I might not be able to get on).

    Several bounces, rumbles of compressor noise and another commemorative driver announcement at Harrow-on-the-Hill later and the train was back at Watford.

    With an all-stations to Harrow service leaving Watford at 1917, the end had arrived.

    5063 at Watford on 26/09/12

    5063 at Watford preparing to depart with the 0840 Baker Street semi-fast on 26th September 2012

    5063 departs Croxley for the last time

    5063 is on the rear of the train as it pulls out of Croxley – the very last time an A Stock will do so in passenger service (photo: RailwaysToday)

    A Stock 5063 prepares to depart Croxley to Watford for the last time (photo: RailwaysToday)

    5034 at Croxley on 26/09/12

    5034 leads 5063 into Croxley on its last journey in service (photo: RailwaysToday)